Handpicked especially for you, your team of writers, designers, editors and distributors will share your knowledge with any audience, anywhere and anytime.

With a portfolio of printed and digital journals, books, magazines, reports, launches and audiovisual products published over the last 25 years across four continents, LID understands how best to share your message.

  • Journal Establish yourself as a leader in your field

  • Report Communicate real, actionable ideas

  • Digital publication Share your best content at top speed

  • White paper Your research, in a meaningful format

  • Book Showcase your knowledge for decades to come

  • Digital platform Facilitate discussion with a dedicated home for your message

  • Webinar Broadcast your knowledge around the globe, live and in colour

  • App Deliver bite-sized knowledge on the go

  • Podcast Speak news and views into the ears of your audience

  • Event Spread your message with launches, panels and roundtables in all major cities

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Network building
  • Photography
  • Printing & distribution
  • Publicity